Silky Waves


As you read the poem, Silky Waves, please enjoy my composition, Dream on a Cloud, featuring yours truly, on the keyboard. Feel free to download the MP3 file for your listening pleasure or to share with friends. If you wish to use this or any other of my pieces of music for commercial purposes, please contact me at:

You gleam like crystals kissed by the sun
Sea of my distant dreams
I look in awe at your sapphire reflections
Losing myself in your silky waves

Photo by Enzo Acciarri 


Submitted to Monday Potluck Poetry

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8 Responses to Silky Waves

  1. Gorgeous and really mesmerizing

  2. Beautiful piece of music. Reminds me of an old favourite hindi song, which I think was inspired by one of Mozart’s compositions. The music goes so well with your lines of poetry.

  3. Jingle says:

    love it,

    silky and smooth, you blow me away.


  4. Beautiful music and wonderful words. You are quite talented!

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