Alchemy of colours

Alchemy of colours is a piece of music inspired by the painting “Alchimia del colore” of the wonderful Italian artist Rosalba Mangione.

To view Rosalba’s artwork, go to her facebook profile:
A reminder that all of my music is copyrighted and I ask that you observe this and contact me before using the music for commercial uses.
Enjoy listening to the mp3.alchemy of colours

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3 Responses to Alchemy of colours

  1. Mimmo Mangione says:

    Look as long as you can at the friend you love,
    no matter whether that friend is moving away from you
    or coming back toward you.
    –Rumi, “My Worst Habit”

  2. Thank you so very much dear Mimmo for your kind words and for all the help and encouragement you give me in order to continue composing my music.

  3. Alchemy of love and colours, as pure as your musician be, my dear little sister! Again and again and again, those dreams sounds like only heaven may sound! God bless your magnificent talent!

    Love, Mimmo

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