Triumph of will

Triumph of will is a my second piece of music inspired to the art of Rosalba Mangione.
Rosalba is a talented Italian artist.
To view her artwork visit her facebook profile:

A reminder that all of my music is copyrighted and I ask that you observe this and contact me before using the music for commercial uses. Enjoy listening to the mp3.
triunph of will 1

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5 Responses to Triumph of will

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  2. Mimmo Mangione says:

    What draws friends together
    does not conform to the laws of nature.
    –Rumi, “The Force of Friendship”

  3. Art and music as well as poetry and music are a perfect marriage.
    Rosalba’s art is very inspiring.
    Thank you Mimmo for your comment.

  4. This is a triumph of the most beautiful forms of arts: Music and Painting! Two very beautiful and talented ladies with an amazing gift! Thank you very much, Sara and Rosalba!


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