Alchemy of Love

Enjoy listening to Sara’s beautiful piece, Alchemy of Color, which inspired the poem, Alchemy of Love, below. Sara continues to be my muse. I can not listen to her music without a pen in hand for she always brings forth a new poem. Thank you for this, Sara.

hugs, pat, Source of Inspiration

Alchemy of Colors MP3
alchemy of colours


Alchemy of Love

When I see You, all I can do is sing;
rainbows paint the sky. I sing of my
love for I see You everywhere. Slowly
I turn, one, two, three, four, just
taking in all that You give me to
fill my life with joy.

Oh, my Creator, my best friend,
I sing because I am spilling over
with Your love, walking on clouds,
dancing with sunbeams,
singing sweet melodies with choirs
of angels who sing of Your glory.
My Lord, my God, You are All and
We are One.

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4 Responses to Alchemy of Love

  1. eyekensee says:

    As you inspire each other, we are gifted by your beautiful work together. THANK YOU!

  2. Mimmo Mangione says:

    How sweet is the sound of the voice of your soul?
    Thank you dear Pat. Love it!

  3. This poem is amazingly beautiful dear Pat.
    I am so honoured to be, with my music, the inspiration of such beautiful poems.
    You are a star.
    Thank you so very much these wonderful words of love.

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