Triumph of the Soul

Trumph of Will MP3

triunph of will 1


If some time I falter,
almost fall, send your
angels to steady me for
never do I want to fail
to love you in even the
smallest way. Strengthen
me, fill my soul with
Eternal Light. Oh, my Lord,
lift me up into Your all
knowing care. Keep me from
all darkness for I am Yours,
a child of the Light.

You are everywhere, yea,
even in the smallest grain
of sand, spread across and
beyond spiraling galaxies,
in the scent of roses on a
summer morn, in death’s
sweet return to Your loving
embrace, in a tear of sadness,
a bubble of laughter, in my
blissful slumber. There are no
words to sing the song of
my love for You, for who
can contain that which is in All?

May I sit at Your feet,
touch the sacred hem of
Your robe, anoint Your
feet and dry them with my
tresses? Your slightest
glance fills my soul.
I am Yours, of You, with
You. Nothing can separate
us for I am You,
We are One.


Dearest Sara,
This poem flowed from my heart as I listened to this magnificent music. There is a sacredness to it that leaves me breathless. Surely, your music comes from Source to help us blossom into the all loving Beings that are of Source. I thank you for the honor of allowing this poem to come forth from your music. hugs, pat, Source of Inspiration,

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4 Responses to Triumph of the Soul

  1. Just another wondeful piece of poetry! What else?
    Dear Sara, I have nothing more to say……thank you!

  2. I am in tears dear Pat…This poem is amazingly beautiful and meaningful.
    Thank you again for your gift.

  3. Simona says:

    breathtaking! 🙂 THANK YOU!

  4. Satori says:

    WOW!!! This is utterly profound.. thankoo Sara for your amazing music and thankoo Pat for this beautiful prayer poem.. 🙂 *hugs*

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